Our training style prioritizes safety and injury prevention by enforcing the proper form, with the proper execution, of all movements. This allows our athletes to maximize their power output and minimize their energy consumption during the workouts, all while reducing the possibility of enhancing or treating injuries. Our diverse class options further enable every client to receive a broad and inclusive training program that optimizes any fitness regimen.


Professional workout timers, assault bikes, row machines, Kettlebells(8kg – 40kg), DBs (5lbs-100lbs), Barbells (10lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs. curling bar, trap deadlift bar) , Med. Balls (4lbs – 20lbs), rubber plates (5lbs-45lbs), push sleds, Rogue peg climbing board, in-house artificial rock climbing, gymnastic rings, ropes for climbing, ab mats, benches, jump ropes, assault ropes, resistance bands, weight-lifting racks (stationary and portable), wooden boxes, metal boxes, foam boxes, PVC pipes, foam rollers, mobility equipment, punching bags, wrestling/ BJJ tumbling mats, and InBody full composition analysis technology.


Aim Higher Fitness offers 4100 Sq. Ft. of workout space with 1300 Sq. Ft of artificial turf, 2900 Sq. Ft. of 10 ml. rubberized professional flooring, as well as wooden weightlifting platforms. Open seven days a week with early morning, afternoon, and evening classes to accommodate any schedule. Free parking with an in-house yoga studio, rotative cubby storage, Wodify athlete management, drink vending, water fountains, community fridge, air conditioning,, and handicap-accessible showers available to all members during open hours.


The coaches at Aim Higher are able to scale any workout, to any individual that wishes to improve their health and fitness. Skill level, age, weight, mobility limitations, and injuries can all be accommodated for. We believe that fitness is universally inclusive to every individual and we are willing to find something that works for every individual that walks through our doors. Our highly knowledgeable coaches will work hands-on with each client to ensure that they are prepared for the workouts, while at the same time, providing a challenging and safe atmosphere.